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"Armelinda" Health center

Relax and revive in the nature of Stelvio National Park.

In our health center you will find the right balance between harmony and beauty in a natural environment.

mappa centro benessere

Hot Whirlpool under the stars with a view on the Alps

The spectacular view on the highest peaks of Trentino, the delicate sound of water in the hydromassage, the wonderful sensation of being cradled…a unique sensation of pure relax.
Benefits: relaxes muscles, dissolves tension

"Ginepro" sauna

Temperature: 85-90° C – Humidity: 15%
Finnish Sauna covered in precious wood
Benefits: reinforces the immunological defenses, the circulatory system, facilitates purification

"Lavanda" Turkish Bath

Temperature: 40-45°C – Humidity: 98%
Benefits: purifies the air ways, gives soothing to muscles, dissolves tension and stress

Tropical shower

Alpine spring water is used

Infusions Corner

There is nothing as pleasuring as a break in our health center drinking a special infusion of precious natural extracts from local plants.

Relax Area

Created with natural mountain materials, gives the client a lovely sensation of extreme wellness.

External Biosauna with a view on the Alps

Temperature: 60°C – Humidity: 60%
The alpine sauna, covered in typical wood that emanates a pleasant perfume.
Benefits: purifies and regenerates the air ways, dissolves muscle tensions, relieves joint problems, reinforces metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system through vasoconstriction and vasodilatation.