Mappa piste da sci

Mappa piste da sci


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Holiday and Thermae

Pejo’s Thermae are 1390 mt above sea level, in Stelvio National Park, in Val di Sole. 

They are the perfect example of wellness in the middle of nature. Thermal waters in Peio have been known for hundreds of years and have been used to cure problems related to the lymphatic and venous circulation, to the joints and to the urinary system.

Water and rocks are strictly connected. Springs are found in the Ortles-Cevedale mountains and water needs many years to travel across the rocks and reach the perfect chemical composition. Pejo’s water has one of the highest known concentrations of free carbon dioxide and iron ion.

The Thermae use three different water springs:
The Antica Fonte, the Nuova Fonte and the Fonte Alpina which give three different types of water.

A few kilometers away from Peio Fonti, near lake Pian Palù there are other two springs of ferruginous water: Fontanino di Cellentino and Fontanino di Pejo.

Le Terme di Pejo

The Thermal waters of Pejo are used in three different treatments according to their chemical characteristics:

Hydropinic treatment: water is drank and helps curing kidneys, digestive and urinary system, blood related and liver problems. Hydropinic treatments are followed by a doctor who will choose the appropriate water for each person. This treatment is indicated for people who have low iron levels like pregnant women ad sportsmen training.

Inhalatory treatment: inhalations and aerosols help people who suffer from breathing problems, bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis and asthma.

Balneotherapy treatment: carbon dioxide thermal baths and phlebological treatments are good for people who suffer from limb, muscle, dermatological and vascular diseases and after injuries or fractures.